The History of MillerClapperton

At MillerClapperton, we have a long history of working with both architects and general contractors. Ted S. Miller and Dave Clapperton, the founding partners, had been leading salesmen for H.H. Robertson Co., the premier manufacturer of metal architectural products at the time. After 8 years at HH Robertson Co., Ted and Dave resigned and put into action a 1-year business plan that was the beginning of MillerClapperton. Over 40 years and 200+ employees later, the MillerClapperton name has come to stand for quality, experience, professionalism and our strong commitment to our customers.


MillerClapperton is Founded

MillerClapperton was founded by Ted S. Miller and Dave Clapperton as a manufacturer’s representative firm out of Ted’s home in Smyrna, Georgia.


First Office & Company logos

In this space, we specialized in providing premium, custom designed architectural metalwork.

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Buckhead Diner Opens

Our first major project of significance. The restaurant is still in existence today and is an iconic landmark in Buckhead, Atlanta.


First Fabrication Facility Established

We move into a facility that allows us to fabricate MCM (Metal Composite Material) panels for the first time.


Doug Bruton Becomes Partner

Doug joined the company in 1984 and was highly instrumental in organizing the addition of the fabrication of composite aluminum panels – taking MillerClapperton to the next level in the industry.


Unveiling of 4th Company Logo

MillerClapperon launches their 4th company logo.

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We Move Into A Larger Facility

Our new facility was nearly 20,000 sq ft. We would be here for the next 8 years. Our first CNC router table was delivered this year.


Home Depot Store Support Center

Atlanta, GA | 500K sq ft of MCM panels
Home Depot has consistently used us for every building ever erected on their campus. We’re proud to have been the only wall cladding company to have worked on their campus.


BCIA Terminal 2 Opens In Beijing, China

MillerClapperton beat out several international teams vying for this project. Our founders visited China several times to work on this deal.


We Move To Austell, GA

Expanding again, we move to Austell, GA to a facility well over 40,000 SF. Our second CNC router machine was delivered this year.


Rapid ACM Is Formed

A new e-commerce company, Rapid ACM was created to sell sheets of ACM in simple shapes only. It was the beginning of what would become a highly viable subsidiary for MillerClapperton.


MCM Certified Premium Fabricator

The MCA (Metal Construction Association) enlisted the help of founder Ted S. Miller to create the MCM Certified Premium Fabricator certification. As such, we became an original member of MCA’s certification program for such fabricators.


MillerClapperton’s 25th Anniversary

We celebrate 25 years of MillerClapperton


Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world and became the catalyst for growth around Centennial Park—preceding World of Coke, Center for Civil and Human Rights, College Football Hall of Fame, and numerous restaurants. Since it opened, MillerClapperton has worked on 3 expansions; the dolphin exhibit, the sea lion exhibit, and the shark exhibit.


Unveiling of 5th Company Logo

MillerClapperton launches 5th company logo

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Ted S. Miller Begins MCM Corner and Blog

Ted S. Miller begins writing weekly blogs, which were published on the MillerClapperton website.

You can find Ted’s blog here


Laser Scanning

We create a level of customer service that further differentiates us from our competitors—providing a cutting-edge technology that utilizes a sophisticated form of measurement to improve efficiencies and ensure accurate fabrication and installation of materials.


Founding Partner Ted S. Miller Passes

Ted lost his courageous battle with cancer. In his honor, MillerClapperton employees and associates continue to gather annually for the Ted S. Miller Blood Drive. We recall his impact on the company, its employees, and the industry at large.


College Football Hall Of Fame

MillerClapperton engineered, fabricated and installed the panels on this project’s most prominent and complex structure. We are proud to have played a part in the construction of this iconic addition to Atlanta.


Center For Civil And Human Rights

Located in downtown Atlanta, this is one of the most uniquely complex and delightfully intricate designs we’ve ever had the pleasure to engineer.


MillerClapperton West

We opened our 2nd fabrication facility in Mesa, AZ, allowing us to truly penetrate the West Coast market for the first time. We also add our fourth CNC router machine here.


Building Expansion

MillerClapperton expands its Austell location and doubles the square footage of our Corporate office. The new expansion offers a dedicated space for drafting, engineering, and our field operations departments, as well as making additional room for our metal shop.


Unveiling of 6th Company Logo

MillerClapperon launches their 6th company logo.

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MillerClappeton Cares Is Launched

MillerClapperton started an annual charitable initiative to support good work happening in the community. The company raised more than $20,000 for its first charitable partner, the Kyle Pease Foundation.


United Therapeutics

For this project, MillerClapperton fabricated and installed 106,500 square feet of Metal Composite Material panels in addition to 24,300 square feet of perforated panels and 1,100 square feet of decorative grills. The 210,000 square-foot, elliptical shaped “Unisphere,” is the largest site Net Zero commercial building in the US.


lilli Midtown

Named Curbed Atlanta High Rise of the Year in 2018, lilli Midtown’s bone white panels were accented with charcoal panels to highlight the building’s unique architecture, while also framing the units. MillerClapperton installed and fabricated more than 29,000 square feet of Metal Composite Material panels.


Founding Partner John David Clapperton Passes

Dave lost his courageous battle with cancer. Senior Estimator Scott Stafford recalls his impact on the company, its employees, and the industry at large.


MillerClapperton Celebrates 40 Years

MillerClapperton celebrates forty years of business.


MillerClapperton Moves To Troon Circle

Our team is once again under one roof as MillerClapperton upgrades to a new 121,000 SF facility at 8050 Troon Circle in Austell, GA.


AJC Top Workplace 2021

MillerClapperton is named a top place to work in Atlanta for the 6th year in a row (2016-2021).

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