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Since 2012, MillerClapperton has enthusiastically supported the American Red Cross by holding an annual Blood Drive in honor of the company’s late co-founder, Ted S. Miller. It has been a way for us as a company to not only honor his legacy, but also a way to give back to our community.

The opportunity for us to do more as a company presented itself in 2018 and we embraced the challenge by not only committing ourselves to a great cause, but also pledging to make this an annual initiative to support many worthwhile charities. We put our heart into our work and we wanted to apply this same passion to helping our community.

The company’s philanthropic initiative is known as MillerClapperton Cares. The name speaks to our commitment to social responsibility and the impact we can make when we work together.

2019: Calvary Children’s Home

We are delighted to announce that MillerClapperton selected Calvary Children’s Home as one of our charitable initiatives for 2019. While we considered many worthwhile causes, it’s evident that Calvary Children’s Home (CCH) is serving a critical need in our community and making an impact in the lives of children who need their support.

Children in the Metro Atlanta area find their way to Calvary either through tragedy or dysfunction; when a parent or family member is unable to care for them. CCH provides them with a safe, loving, Christian home, while also providing a stable home life. They seek to give children entrusted to their care the very skills, education, and values that allow them to become responsible and productive members of society. ‘House parents’ manage meals and schedules, ushering children to church, their local schools, and participation in after-school or community activities.

The thirteen-acre campus is located in Powder Springs, GA and the facility can house as many as 40 children at any given time. A new cottage is currently under construction, which will be the 4th children’s cottage on campus once completed. Over the past five decades, CCH has successfully housed more than 400 children.

Calvary Children’s Home was founded in 1966 by Reverend Ben F. Turner after witnessing the separation of six children whose parents had been killed in an automobile accident. He was greatly affected by seeing the emotional impact the separation had on the children and realized the need for family to stay together, especially under such tragic circumstances. This was the catalyst for the creation of CCH.

The organization prides itself on not being a burden to the community and rather counts on the hearts and hands of friends for support. While they are committed to providing the best possible home for these children, they can not do that work alone. And, that’s where we come in. We are proud to be supporting CCH this year and making an impact on the children that will remain with them all their life by showing that we care.

Thank you.

Money Raised: $13,380

2018: The Kyle Pease Foundation

The purpose of the Kyle Pease Foundation (KPF) is to create awareness and raise funds to promote success for persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports.

Programs may include scholarship opportunities, purchasing of medical equipment or adaptive sports equipment for others or contributing to other organizations that provide similar assistance to disabled persons as well as participating in educational campaigns to create awareness about Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities.

KPF will provide these services directly to individuals and partner with other non-profit organizations to achieve these goals. Direct benefits will be limited to persons with disabilities who need adaptive sports equipment, mobility devices or medical care.

Why the Kyle Pease Foundation?

Scott Stafford, a Senior Estimator at MillerClapperton and 21-year veteran of the company, didn’t realize he was looking for the Kyle Pease Foundation (KPF) until he found it.  Scott had been raising money for Multiple Sclerosis for years and he began to think more about giving and how he could best put his God-given talents to use.

One thing Scott can do is run (and on occasion, bike and swim) long distances.  He enjoys accumulating the miles and isn’t bothered by the monotony or discomfort that comes with running.  Then, KPF came along and offered the best of both worlds; marrying his love for endurance sports with a desire for service. 

The mission of KPF is to create awareness and raise funds to promote success for persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports.  Volunteers who run, bike and swim enable people who would otherwise be on the sidelines to know the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of crossing the finish line.  Scott’s passion for the nonprofit organization is both evident and infectious.  Since volunteering more than four years ago, Scott has participated in more than 20 races, including five half-marathons and three marathons.

Witnessing firsthand the commitment and passion Kyle and his brother Brent have for their mission is inspiring.  Their message is one of inclusion and perseverance; and it’s a message they want to spread all over the world.  For years and after many competitions, they sought to participate in the ultimate Ironman Championship in Kona, Hawaii, and that opportunity finally came when the brothers were surprised by the invitation following the Raleigh Half-Ironman in June.

Knowing that getting Kyle and Brent, along with the special equipment they need for the race would require tremendous logistical support, Scott reached out to the Executive Team at MillerClapperton to see if the company could help.  The initiative of MillerClapperton Cares was born and now our work begins to help Kyle and Brent get to Hawaii to spread their message and participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I was overjoyed when I learned that Kyle and Brent Pease had been invited to compete in the 2018 Ironman World Championship.  This is the Super Bowl of endurance sports and it will provide enormous exposure for KPF and their mission.  I want the world to see the love that the Pease brothers have for one another and I want the world to see that “Where There’s a Wheel, There’s a Way.”  I am delighted MillerClapperton has selected KPF as its inaugural charitable initiative and I am proud that our company is sharing its many blessings.  I believe that MillerClapperton Cares is something that our late co-founder and CEO, and my friend, Ted S. Miller, would love and consider an honor to his legacy,” said Scott Stafford, Senior Estimator.

Money Raised: $20,634

Charitable Donations 

Dancers Against Cancer

Ukraine Missionary Trip

West Georgia Gymnastics Center

Second Havest Food Bank

VBS Cumberland Church

Bremen Ford Toys For Tots

Georgia Aquarium Education Outreach Program

Gilbane Building Company’s Charity Golf Tournament

West Georgia Young Life in Memory of Randall Keith Redding

Goshen Valley 

New Life Church

MUST Ministries

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay

Avery Natal Memorial Scholarship 5K

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