3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

MillerClapperton 3D Scanning

3D laser scanning has only just reached the early stages of adoption in the building construction industry and MillerClapperton is at the cutting edge of this technology, utilizing a sophisticated form of measurement to improve efficiencies and ensure accurate fabrication and installation of materials.

What Is It?

3D laser scanning is the process by which we digitally capture the spatial relationship of objects using infrared laser technology, affording us capabilities to measure and analyze highly complex or distant structures faster and to a higher degree of accuracy.

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Why We Use It

Most of the projects that MillerClapperton is awarded contain complex geometry and/or large, difficult panels in sometimes hard to reach locations. The accuracy of dimensions provided by laser scanning is essential to improve project planning and to generate accurate measurements for our prefabricated materials. This will help to minimize wasted efforts and avoid modifications in the field.

Rather than relying on Approved Shop drawings or hand measurements alone, we now have a reliable and accurate method of measuring substrates. What would typically take days to measure by hand, can now be done in less time and to a greater degree of accuracy.

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